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Ron Whitehead, Property Manager

Poet, writer, editor, publisher, scholar, professor, activist Ron Whitehead grew up on a farm in Kentucky. He attended The University of Louisville and Oxford University. As poet and writer he is the recipient of numerous state, national, and international awards and prizes including The All Kentucky Poetry Prize, The Yeats Club of Oxford’s Prize for Poetry, and many others. In 2006 Dr. John Rocco (NYC) nominated Ron for The Nobel Prize in Literature. He was recently inducted into his high school’s (Ohio County High) Hall of Fame, representing his 1968 graduating class.

Ron taught college/university for 20 plus years at the University of Louisville, Spalding University, St. Catharine College, Jefferson Community College, and Bellarmine University. He has presented numerous talks, lectures, and writing workshops around the world at colleges, universities, and institutions which include Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), The University of Iceland (Reykjavik, Iceland), The University of Braga (Braga, Portugal), The University of Nijmegen (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), New York University (New York, New York), Hofstra University (New York, New York), The University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky), The University of New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana), The University of Jyvaskyla (Jyvaskyla, Finland), and many more. In 1992 Ron founded The Global Literary Renaissance, a non-profit organization, supporting the global literary (& all arts) community. Ron was Director of the Global Literary Renaissance for 14 years.

Ron has produced 3,000 music and poetry events throughout Europe and the USA including many 24, 48, 72 & 90 hour Non-Stop Music & Poetry INSOMNIACATHONs plus he produced The Official Hunter S. Thompson Tribute featuring Hunter, Johnny Depp, Warren Zevon, Douglas Brinkley, Roxanne Pulitzer, David Amram, Hunter’s mother, Virginia, & son, Juan, & many others, the London International Poetry & Song Festival, The New York City Underground Music & Poetry Festival, The Netherland’s 10-day International Meer Dan Woorden Festival, LIVE at THE RUD Benefit Concert, with Jim James, of My Morning Jacket, plus many more. Ron is co-founder of Gonzofest Louisville, an annual celebration of the life and work of Louisville native son Hunter S. Thompson.

Ron has edited, published, and recorded over 2,000 titles including work by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, President Jimmy Carter, Seamus Heaney, Jack Kerouac, David Amram, Diane di Prima, Lucien Stryk, Allen Ginsberg, John Updike, BONO, Frank Messina, Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, Amiri Baraka, Rita Dove, Thomas Merton, Wendell Berry, Edvard Munch, William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso, Herbert Huncke, James Laughlin, Douglas Brinkley, Lee Ranaldo, Robert Hunter, Anne Waldman, Ed Sanders, Bob Holman, Eithne Strong, Theo Dorgan, Jim Carroll, Jean Genet, Jan Kerouac, Christopher Felver, Brother Patrick Hart, Robert Lax, Olafur Gunnarsson, Jim Irsay, Frank Messina, Michael Madsden, John Ventimiglia, Gerald Nicosia, Bragi Olafsson, Jim James, Ed McClanahan, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Richard Taylor, Guy Mendes, Frank X Walker, Crystal Wilkinson, Jim Wayne Miller, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Stephen Donaldson, and many others.

Ron’s work has been exhibited around the world in places such as New York City, Louisville, New Orleans, San Francisco, India, the Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, the Netherlands, Iceland, and more. The UN/UNESCO “Poetry On The Peaks” program selected The Dalai Lama/Ron Whitehead “Never Give Up” message/poem poster as its theme for 2002. Thousands of copies were donated and shipped to cities, mountain villages, Buddhist, and other communities, groups, and organizations round the world. The “Never Give Up” poem has been published in numerous publications including NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, books by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and many others. Ron’s “Never Give Up” poem can also be found on t-shirts, cards, posters, and banners all over the world. Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson featured a poem by Ron on the cd soundtrack cover for Cameron’s film ELIZABETHTOWN.

For the past 26 plus years Ron has been living and being his dream going non-stop on fire birthing creativity in all its manifestations. He is the author of 30 books and he has work on 40 CDs plus dvds and numerous videos. Thousands of Ron’s works have been published round the world in a diverse range of publications (all mediums) from TRIQUARTERLY (Northwestern University/Illinois) to ARTFORUM (Czech Republic) to BLUE BEAT JACKET (Japan) to BEAT SCENE (England) to SOUTHERN REVIEW (Louisiana) to TRIBE magazine (NYC). Ron’s work has been translated into 15 languages.

Ron has presented over 6,000 readings of his own creative work round the world. He reads his work solo and with musicians from around the world, in all genres of music. Ron performs with the energy of ten bands. At 66, he continues to collaborate with musicians and artists in all genres round the world.

Ron’s work is in museum, library, and private collections around the world. The University of Louisville Rare Books & Archives, Directed by Delinda Buie, is the permanent repository for Ron’s work (past, present, future). Six exhibits have been held. A major exhibition, with catalog, is being planned. Several thousand, of tens of thousands, of items have already been catalogued. For a time Ron was Velocity’s (Kentucky’s Courier-Journal) Advice Columnist. He has been Guest Editor for numerous publications including TRIBE, STORY, and LITERARY LEO. He has written for and been featured in a multitude of publications around the world. Ron has been a featured poet at International Poetry Festivals in Nicaragua. Brazil, The Netherlands, Estonia, England, Iceland, Finland, Portugal and other countries. Ron recently returned from performances with rock band Blaak Heat (Paris/Los Angeles) in Copenhagen Denmark, Oslo Norway, and Helsinki Finland.

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