Self Care & Artistic Process

January 4, 2019- February 21, 2019

Louisville Grows: Healthy House 1641 Portland Avenue

Healthy House art gallery is open for public viewing every Friday from 1:00 – 3:00PM.


Curated by Jenn Toby
In partnership with Kentucky College of Art + Design

The work of Corbin McGuire and Nina Kersey comparatively give voice and physicality to more complex, intangible and sometimes untranslatable thoughts. Present within Self Care & Artistic Process are themes of mental and physical health, healing, body positivity, meditative process, and domestic environment, and how these collectively play a role within self reflection and growth. The work is accessible through it’s endless interpretation and playfulness, while still being vulnerable and raw in transparency. In this way, it shifts from the artists’ self reflection to the viewers’ perspective and the narrative that they then create.

Louisville Grows is excited to support the work of Corbin McGuire and Nina Kersey at our Healthy House art gallery.

Contact Amelia at for more information or to purchase a piece of art.