Community Orchards are a neighborhood-based food advocacy program of Louisville Grows! Orchards increase the tree canopy, as well as provide fresh and delicious fruit for local residents.

Louisville Grows supports four community orchards across the city, located in the Shawnee, Portland, Russell, and Hazelwood neighborhoods. Orchards can provide up to 8,000 lbs. of fresh fruit each year for community members, and they also create a shady green space in an urban environment. Read more about each of our orchards below!

The People’s Garden Orchard is located at 536 N 44th St at the Shawnee People’s Garden, and was planted in 2011 when the garden was started by area residents. Click HERE to learn more about the history and types of fruit trees available in the People’s Garden Orchard!


The Portland Community Food Forest is located in the Portland neighborhood at 2932 Portland Ave., and was planted in 2015 with the help of volunteers. Click HERE to learn more about the history and types of fruit trees available in the Portland Community Food Forest!


Produce Park was established at 441 South 30th St in July 2016 through the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government’s Vacant and Public Property Administration, a Bloomberg Philanthropies Innovation Grant, and Gresham, Smith, and Partners. Click HERE to learn more!


The South Points Food Forest is located on Iroquois Farm in the Hazelwood Neighborhood, sharing land with the Hope Farm CSA, Hope Community Garden, South Points Community Garden, KentuckyOne Farm, and the Food Literacy Project. Click HERE to learn more!