The mission of the Parkland Community Garden is to provide adequate space for gardeners to grow fresh fruit, vegetables, and/or plants for personal use or donations should the gardener so chooses. The garden itself promotes valuable habits like great health, work ethic, teamwork, and patience; all aspects needed for the survival of any community. The finished works of the garden will metaphorically represent the outcome of building healthy relationships and forming unity. Such nurturing will add value and bring awareness to the Parkland Community as a whole.

The Parkland Community Garden gives residents a place to grow their own healthy food in a community environment that supports organic and natural gardening methods, and encourages the sharing of knowledge, time, talents, and produce. Educating youth is also a big PCG priority. For the good of all gardeners and the community which this garden resides, the community and garden plot are available for lease to individuals, families and organizations who agree on the Community Garden Use Agreement Terms. Also, Parkland area residents are given first priority on a “first come-first served” basis.