Louisville Grows partnered with Kentucky State University to present the Urban Growers Series, a program that trains community members in the art, science, and business of providing food in a city environment.

Register for the December Urban Growers Series here.

The Urban Grower Series will run from August 2016 to December 2016. Monthly workshops, hosted on the second Saturday of each month, provide participants with the tools and knowledge needed to become successful home, community, or market gardeners.

The Urban Grower Series is a half-year program where participants will learn practical urban agriculture techniques including composting, beekeeping, fruit tree maintenance, pastured poultry, seed saving, canning, and more. Each event will consist of four workshops. Trainees will learn in the field and classroom at three mixed-use urban agriculture sites operated by Louisville Grows: the People’s Garden, Shippingport Memorial Garden, and Hope Community Farm. Classes will also be taught in the Healthy House starting in Spring 2017.

The hands-on-training will build participants’ knowledge and understanding of naturally grown farming principles and practices.  During the course, trainees will connect with some of the best minds in the field.  At the end of the program, each participant will have the tools in hand to be a successful Urban Grower!

No prior agricultural training or experience is needed to enter the program. The only prerequisites are an openness to learn, a commitment to hard work, and the desire to succeed.

Breakfast and lunch are included, thanks to our partnership with Heine Bros. Coffee and other sponsors. Additionally, scholarships to attend workshops are provided for community members; email brianna@louisvillegrows.org for more information!