The Shippingport Memorial Garden was Louisville Grows’ second garden, located in the Portland neighborhood. We are moving to a new location in 2017!

The Shippingport Memorial Garden was established in 2013 at 2500 Montgomery Street, and the site housed a 15-member community garden, a ‘weed-less’ gardening demonstration plot, a market garden, and a fruit orchard. Additionally, Shippingport Memorial Garden was the home of Bernheim Arboretum and Research Center’s first “Children at Play” natural play area in the state. Volunteers also built and painted a compost bin to give garden members access to natural fertilizer. In 2017, former gardeners and new neighbors will use the community ownership model to establish another Portland Neighborhood garden in a new location.

Louisville Grows hosts youth for visits, camps, and community service workdays from throughout Louisville at both community garden sites. The community gardens provide an excellent learning environment for children of all ages.

To find out about volunteering in the garden or setting up a group service day, please contact