Love Louisville Trees is neighborhood-based urban reforestation program of Louisville Grows! Together, we’re planting trees and educating residents about the value of our neighborhood canopy.

Love Louisville Trees

Love Louisville Trees organizes tree planting events and advocates for greater tree coverage in urban areas. Love Louisville Trees (LLT) provides urban forestry training to build community capacity in urban forest manag...
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Forestry Training

Louisville Grows offers forestry training for individuals of all abilities, from young to old. Join us for our next Citizen Forestry 101 Training in the spring, just in time for the California Neighborhood tree planting...
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Planting Events

Louisville Grows organizes numerous planting events during each tree-planting season, from November through April. Our next planting event is the California Neighborhood tree planting on March 18 from 10am - 3pm. Sign u...
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Adopt a Tree

Looking to adopt a tree? Do you live in the California neighborhood? Can you pledge to love, water, and care for this tree? Then sign up online to adopt a tree for California residents! If a homeowner is interested i...
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More Tree Resources

Environmental education is central to Louisville Grows' mission. Join us for our Citizen Forester training, pruning classes, or tree plantings. Check out the materials below to learn how to increase our urban tree canop...
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Ready to get involved? Check out our volunteer calendar to look for future plantings and volunteer opportunities!