Looking to adopt a tree? Do you live in the California neighborhood? Can you pledge to love, water, and care for this tree?

Then sign up online to adopt a tree for California residents!

If a homeowner is interested in having a tree planted in their yard, they must commit to care for the tree for its lifespan, and are invited to assist with the planting. Our planting event for Spring 2017 with the California neighborhood (March 18 from 10am – 3 pm). Previous plantings occurred with the Beechmont, Russell, Shelby Park, Germantown, Smoketown, Shawnee, Portland, and Schnitzelburg neighborhoods. If you have questions or want to organize a tree planting with your neighbors, contact Natalie Reteneller at trees@louisvillegrows.org or call 502-724-4683.

We invite all future “treecipients” to participate in the door-to-door neighborhood talks, trainings, and plantings. Together we can grow a greener community!

Want to learn more about the tree plantings? Sign up to get trained as a Citizen Forester or volunteer to help during the tree plantings!