Louisville Grows offers forestry training for individuals of all abilities, from young to old.

Join us for our next Citizen Forestry 101 Training in the spring, just in time for the California Neighborhood tree planting on March 18, 2017.

Citizen Forestry training works with community members and arborists to train how to properly plant a tree, engage neighborhoods through canvassing and tree adoptions, and work with volunteer groups on planting days. Dates for the Citizen Forestry training will be released in early 2017.

Citizen Forestry Training

The Citizen Forestry Training is the foundation of the Love Louisville Trees Planting Program. Through the Citizen Forestry 101 and 102 courses, participants learn how to build and maintain our neighborhood and community forests. Participants are taught basic tree anatomy and physiology, environmental stewardship, tree identification and selection, young tree pruning, and how to teach others how to properly plant and care for their trees. Citizen Foresters who have participated in 2 planting day events are eligible to become Community Foresters.

Community Forestry Training

The Community Forestry Training Program is offered to eligible Citizen Foresters who are interested in learning how to plan, organize, and coordinate tree planting and maintenance events in Louisville.  Community Foresters will supervise Citizen Foresters and Youth Foresters during planting events, and will be on track to become a Certified Arborist.

Want more information? Here are some tips for planting your own tree or taking care of one you already have.