Environmental education is central to Louisville Grows’ mission. Join us for our Citizen Forester training, pruning classes, or tree plantings. Check out the materials below to learn how to increase our urban tree canopy!

30 Recommended Trees for Louisville

Planting the right tree in the right place will help your tree to live a long life and avoid potential problems. Use our guide to 30 Recommended Trees for Louisville to help you find the perfect tree for your yard or eas...
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Tree Planting Guide

Planting your carefully selected tree the right way is important for its future health and wellness. When planting a tree on your own, use our planting guide to help you. Download Tree Planting Guide PDF ...
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Tree Care Guide

You want your newly planted tree to survive and thrive. Follow our step-by-step tree care instructions to ensure its future health. Download Tree Care Guide PDF...
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