Located at 1641 Portland Ave., Louisville Grows’ new office and community space, the Healthy House, is an engaging, energy efficient, sustainable community space that connects local residents to health, wellness, and green education.

The Healthy House will offer conference, activity, event, and classroom areas, as well as a commercial kitchen for cooking classes. Sustainability features include a green roof, car-charging station, rain garden, and eco-friendly plumbing, heating, and cooling.

Philanthropist Christina Lee Brown and the Owsley Brown II Family Foundation funded the Healthy House, Mark Miller CEO of MK Think out of San Francisco California designed the initial structure, and AJRC Architectural refined the design to meet local specifications. Other partnerships include Zelkova Strategic Partners who provided services and project oversight; REALM Construction with donations of time, windows, painting, materials and finishing; Plumber’s Supply Company with donation of all plumbing needs; Air Pollution Control Department with donation of Electric Car Charging Station; MSD and Metro Louisville with reimbursement for Green Infrastructure; DFH with discounted heating and air conditioning systems; General Electric with donation of an eco-friendly water heater; and Bardstown Florist & Gifts with a donation of all interior plants.

The two-story shotgun design of the building serves as an example of a modern shotgun style home for community members. It is environmentally conscious and encourages a holistic healthy lifestyle, planting the seeds for future generations. The front room contains classroom space that can be opened up to the larger community for meetings and workshops. Above the front room is a green roof with plans for a rooftop garden and beehives. A long hallway serves as an art gallery next to the demonstration courtyard with rain garden and leads to a commercial teaching kitchen in the back. Office space for Louisville Grows’ staff is located above the kitchen.

The goals for the Healthy House are to promote education, health, creativity, and community connection by:

1) Providing holistic cooking and nutrition programs to positively impact community health and wellness;

2) Providing garden and tree programs to train people in best practices for planting and caring for trees, building community gardens, and growing their own food;

3) Offering arts programming to engage community and build connection through creativity;

4) Developing a model home for green living in a replicable demonstration space;

5) Engaging families and youth in all of our programs through hands-on educational lessons and curriculum;

6) Engaging community and working collaboratively with other partners and organizations to provide relevant and up-to-date programming for maximized positive impact; and

7) Sharing resources, providing facilitation space, and supporting the communities we serve.

Want to use the space for a community meeting or event? Check out our Healthy House Calendar and fill out the space use form to get more information!