Repeat, Renew

March 15, 2019- May 10, 2019

Louisville Grows: Healthy House 1641 Portland Avenue

Opening Reception: 5:30-8pm


Works about Injury, Health, Healing, and Comparison

by Emily Schuhmann

Curated by Jenn Toby

Artist Statement: “The way something is formed; the repeating and rolling, the endless visiting and revisiting of an idea or process is at the heart of my work. My sculptures and drawings derive from acts, repetition, and unlikely combination.

As I am [perhaps forever] recovering from a spinal injury. I have become a vessel, a melting pot, a crucible holding sometimes incompatible amalgamations of: medicine, biology, politics of health care, creative activity and healing practices for mind, body and spirit. This show spans the time frame of my injury, nearly 10 years ago to the present day. In my works I indicate and explore direct and symbolic imagery related to the human and animal body, botany, poetry, injury, biology, healing, health, and playful repetition. “

Artist Bio: Emily Schuhmann is a Visual Artist, Adjunct Professor, Event Organizer, International Coordinator for Kalakhetra International Artist Residency in Raghurajpur India, Dancer, Choreographer, DJ, and avid Gardener thriving in Louisville Kentucky. See more of her work at

Healthy House art gallery is open for public viewing every Friday from 1:00 – 3:00PM.

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