By working with Louisville residents to start community gardens, we’re working toward a more just and sustainable city. Our urban agriculture programs encompass neighborhood gardens, an urban farm, CSA refugee training program, the Urban Growers Series, and Citizen Gardener trained volunteers.

Louisville Grows works in solidarity with each neighborhood to identify beneficial garden structures to enhance health and sustainability. Neighborhoods have installed beehives, a children’s play area, fruit trees and bushes, benches, “Little Libraries,” greenhouses, hugelkultur mounds, and a community gathering space. Each garden hosts a large event during or after the growing season to celebrate the harvest with their neighbors.

Why Gardens?

A community garden transforms a neighborhood by providing fresh and local produce for plot holders, nourishing surrounding residents with edible fruit trees and bushes planted around the site, hosting agricultural workshops throughout the year for community members to share knowledge and learn from experts, introducing children to nature in a safe and accessible way, offering community members the garden as a neighborhood
meeting or event spaces, and nurturing green oases that increase property values and decrease crime and vandalism.

In 2017, Louisville Grows released the Community Garden Toolkit and Community Garden Grant to assist neighborhoods that want to start or expand a community garden. This toolkit guides community members through the process of starting a garden from the ground up, such as writing a land lease, installing water on the property, and engaging their neighbors through grassroots organizing. This toolkit encouraged even more neighborhoods across the city to start and maintain community gardens. The Louisville Grows 2017 Community Garden Grant provides up to $1,000 (monetary funds or in-kind materials) for new or expanding gardens managed by community organizations, garden clubs, after-school programs, neighborhood associations, faith-based organizations, and motivated community members in Louisville, KY.

Interested in joining one of our gardens? Email, and we’ll put you in contact with our garden leaders!