Citizen Foresters are trained volunteers who plant and inspect trees, manage volunteers during tree planting and care events, and educate the public about the urban tree canopy.

Louisville Grows works with neighborhoods primarily in Louisville’s urban core to reforest and maintain the urban tree canopy. We don’t just plant trees, but we also inspect these trees for three years because we’re dedicated to making sure new canopy trees survive and succeed! Our Urban Forestry efforts wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated group of Citizen Foresters to coordinate volunteers on planting day, educate the public, advocate for trees, inspect trees during the summer, and provide a volunteer base for planting and outreach events.

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Join our Citizen Forester team! Louisville Grows is looking for motivated leaders to work with “treecipients” and help ensure the survival of ALL trees planted across the city. Participants are expected to attend a CF101 and/or CF102 training session and commit to at least two tree planting and/or inspections each year. This is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with urban environmentalists, and gain technical tree planting and stewardship experience while restoring and caring for the tree canopy and improving the urban environment in Louisville.

Citizen Forester Volunteer Opportunities

Our Citizen Foresters work with community members and arborists to learn how to properly plant and inspect trees, engage neighborhoods through canvassing and tree adoptions, and manage volunteer groups at planting and inspection events. Participants are taught basic tree anatomy and physiology, environmental stewardship, tree identification and selection, and how to teach others how to properly plant and care for their trees. Training for individuals of all abilities, from 12 years old on up.  $35 with scholarships available, if interested please fill out the volunteer application below including scholarship offers.

Citizen Forester 101 trainings are offered in February and October to correspond with our spring and fall plantings. Citizen Forester 102 trainings are offered in May to correspond with summer inspection events, which happen in May and June.

Citizen Forester 101

Position Summary: Citizen Foresters trained in CF101 are volunteers who assist Louisville Grows staff in connecting with our “treecipients” and managing volunteers during tree planting events each spring and fall. Citizen Forester 101 Duties include:
● Participate in Citizen Forester 101 training
● Sign up for at least 2 planting events per year
● Directly supervise and train an assigned crew of volunteers to properly plant trees
● Prioritize safety by giving tool safety demonstrations, warning volunteers about potential hazards, and by ensuring volunteers adhere to proper planning technics
● Foster environmental stewardship and environmental education

Citizen Forester 102

Position Summary: Citizen Foresters trained in CF102 Summer Inspections are volunteers who assist Louisville Grows staff in connecting with our “treecipients” and inspecting 10-30 trees that have been planted in previous LLT neighborhood plantings. Citizen Forester 102 Summer Inspection Duties include:
● Participate in the four hour Citizen Forester 102 Training
● Sign up to assist with the inspection of 10-30 trees over the summer
● Document your completed and legible list of inspected trees and turn in in a timely manner

Want to volunteer for Louisville Grows Urban Forestry Program? WE WANT YOU FOR PLANTING AND INSPECTION EVENTS! Below are tree planting dates that all volunteers, no matter skills or training, are encouraged to attend. Each planting event requires about 200 volunteers to successfully plant all the trees, so ask your coworkers, family, and friends (ages 12+) to join you! Find all our upcoming tree events on our Volunteer and Event Calendar.